This Gym Foam Mat Supplier will Create a Platform for Super Martial Arts Performance 

From Karate to Jujitsu, always choose foam mats from Qingdao Hongde New Material Co., Ltd. Your gym needs flooring of such mats that can provide stable movement. They can make your gym floor adequate for intense sports with enough friction and softness. 

Selling Gym Foam Mats at Factory Rates to Buyers Around the World

Invest in high-density foam mats from Qingdao Hongde New Material at unbeatable prices. We offer special discounts for retail businesses and provide cost-effective solutions for gyms and martial arts schools. Our commitment to affordability ensures you can equip your space with top-quality mats without breaking the bank.

These are the Benefits You Will Get from Them

Our gym foam mats, crafted from high-density foam, are designed with your safety in mind. Whether you're practicing karate or martial arts, our mats offer the perfect balance of grip and cushioning, ensuring you can perform at your best without compromising safety.

●  These thick mats will offer high cushioning

●  You will find them impermeable and hypoallergenic

●  Full safety for heel and spine

●  Since they are antifungal and antibacterial mats, you can use them without any worries.

●  As a gym foam mat supplier, we work on padding to make them anti-slip and anti-fatigue.

●  Their chemical-resistant nature makes them durable.  

●  You will find these shock-absorbent mats bearing the impact of heavy dumbbells. 

Customization and International Standards Compliance 

Try our custom production. We use materials like PVC, TPE, XPE, PP, EVA, and PE for the mats. Buyers can choose the color and patterns however they want. We work on compliance and have certifications like EN71, EN1177, etc.

Immense Size of Production Level, Wide-Scale Supply 

It is better for you to place orders now because we deal in bulk. Our wholesale supply and mega-production can deal with large orders. We deal with all customers locally and internationally.